Most of the time when you hear the word Discipline, you tend to automatically associate it as a punishment. Well what does discipline mean? According to Google, discipline: noun - the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience. Key word in the definition of discipline is TRAINING. To better understand the word discipline, let's find out what training means since it plays hand and hand when it comes to discipline. Training: noun - the action of teaching a person or animal a particular skill or type of behavior. The key word in training is TEACHING. When it comes to discipline, it's important to acknowledge the state of mind you're in to better understand the progress in your discipline but to understand your progress a change in your perspective on your character of willpower. How you perceive discipline and yourself will either block you from attempting self discipline or gain self discipline allowing you to build self confidence. In order to discipline yourself, you must be aware of your weaknesses and temptations that will hinder or destroy your progress. For someone who is implanting diet, they must discipline themselves to eat better, healthier, but to teach themselves how to eat in portions or exercise. The state of mind must be aligned with what your goal is, "to be fit and in shape, I must train myself to eat healthier and teach myself a daily routine to exercise". The discipline in diet is wrapping your mind around what your goal is and how you want your mind to progressively perceive your ways of discipline to eating healthier. The word discipline is accompanied with having to change, make adjustments, put in order.

Discipline is important to practice and obtain because with discipline comes patience and understanding. So what does the state of mind have to do with discipline? Well everything! Your brain is already programed and has to be broken down into new brain waves to even try to understand what you're trying to accomplish. Your brain likes to play tricks on you because of what its used to but blocks you from a successful change.

Remember, the most powerful weapon is your mind! You can do anything you want if you put your mind to it! Just don't forget that it is on you to make that change, it just relies on how bad do you want it?! Self talk, self therapy, self love is all part of discipline in order to see and better understand, comes humbleness and peace within! Get to know yourself better, gain self love, challenge yourself to do and be better, discipline yourself and you will have a positive outcome.

S.M.S> Stay Mentally Strong 🧠 💪

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