Monique Jacobs

Certified Mental Health Aid & Certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach

               I always enjoyed art and was inspired by the many styles of art. I took an art and culture class in high school which awakened my vision of the artist's emotions. My journey was inspired by the works of abstract art. Viewing art from all point of views enables your understanding of the disappearing element. The element of communication or the voiding of understanding the emotion and state of mind, creates an empathetic understanding between the artist and their art piece.

        I am a native Bostonian, mother of 2 intelligent handsome boys, Jarell and Jovan. My journey as a single mom has made me a stronger woman than I ever thought I was. Through my struggles, I am thankful for the many obstacles I had to face and conquer. Once my journey of entrepreneurship started before the summer of 2018, my journey of change was also created. Through both of my journeys, I've learned more about myself and fell more in love with who I was becoming because of the connections and understandings of my mind and emotions. I've been struggling with anixety for about 10 years and had split into depression for a year and can now live and move on from that in a healthier state of mind. I've been put in positions and situations that made me very uncomfortable but the experience I've gained has transformed me from an introvert to an ambivert . The knowledge I've gained, is very prudent and perspicacious for what I do as a woman and an artist. I enjoy the beauty within people, which helps me regain my strength to push and work harder. Knowing I am a leader, pushed my inspirations to become the true artist that I am and inspire others. As my journey of change became the focus point of conditioning into a space of starting with the state of mind. Art therapy is what sets my mind free and gain peace within.