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Booking a Vibe Session

               *****Bookings Only*****

How to to get started

Pick a Vibe Type - what type of party is your Vibe Session

Pick a Vibe Session - what type of session would you like to book

Pick a playlist through S.O.M Vibes YouTube playlists or listen to your personal playlist that best fits your mood

Then start painting or drawing freelance or request an artists guide for a painting guideness session

The studio only has headphones for S.O.M Vibe members, please bring your own headphones! Music flows through you mentally and emotionally allowing you to capture your "In the Moment" art piece.

Vibe Types

First request a Vibe Type and must let the studio know the Vibe Type when confirming booking.





Book up to 10 people to a group vibe session. All group bookings are private sessions.

Book a Buddy for any Vibe Session and request private for a private vibes session. 

Book couple for any vibe session and request private for an intimate vibe session.

Request a private session on any vibe session


Body & Soul

Book an intimate vibe type to any vibe session to make any vibe session either romantic or personal.

Vibe Sessions

After choosing a vibe type, pick a vibe session which is the style of expressive art you want to book.




Body & Soul

Explore and connect with the flow of your emotions and thoughts, allowing the music to take over your body to create the art piece from the energy you abstract; creating art with the body.


(jumpsuit, gloves, booties, and hairnet is provided)

Experience in exploring the joys of messy art of either throwing paint with objects to choose from:
- Paint Brush
- Balloons filled with paint
- Squeeze Bottle 

- Hands
Artists will explore their own artistic expression and create their own unique piece of art.

Vibe out with others or a group of friends in a shared space while painting or drawing

drawing, coloring or sketching. Doodling helps to improve concentration and relieves stress.

Spray Vibes

Body & Soul

Curious bodies that want to experience the art works of graffiti will be able to explore the joys of spray painting the walls. This package comes with 3 spray cans, gloves and a mask. Any additional cans needed it is $10 per can.