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S.O.M Vibes Studio, LLC.

State of Mind Expressive Visual Arts Center

S.O.M Vibes Art Studio is an intimate expressive visual arts center that focuses on creating a positive mind frame by self reflection through art and music. It's about capturing the "in the moment state of mind" by abstracting the mind. The studio disconnects the negative allowing the viewers to relate to the artists. It is crucial to our society and communities to help build a better and safer community by living in a healthier mental state of mind. S.O.M Vibes studio is a place where art and music is used as therapy. The art center is an innovative resource for those who are looking to explore art and an outlet to clear the mind exercising mental health through art and music.


The Creation of

S.O.M Vibes StudioTM

State of Mind / Stay Mentally Strong


  I came up with this idea of wanting a change within myself and how to overcome a trapped mind. I was looking for a way to break cycles and create my own outlet. I started thinking about what makes a person not fulfill a change. I found out there’s levels to everything you attempt to do or say, to everything you actually do and actually say. So I started thinking if there’s levels to doing things then there’s levels to the steps you have to take to making a change. Making a change would need to be consistent. So before I was able to move forward with my journey of change, I had to dissect the negative cons and behaviors that block and hold you back from making an attempt to taking a step towards change. I did some research and noticed the circumstances your in and the struggles you have to deal with and go through, blinds you from the behaviors and habits that were created due to the stress. As my journey of change became the focus point of conditioning into a space of starting with the state of mind. Art therapy is what sets my mind free and gain peace within. I hope my personal experience of change and staying mentally strong(SMS) starting with the state of mind(S.O.M), helps better the society and communities by bringing mental health awareness to build a better and safer community by living in a healthier mental state of mind. So I created an art studio that allows you to abstract your mind by capturing your “in the moment” emotions and state of mind. Allowing you to free the mind by drawing or painting exactly what your feeling and thinking. This allows you to better understand yourself mentally and emotionally, creating your inner peace within.


S.O.M Vibes Studio has a new campaign on GoFundMe to raise funds for the studio. All proceeds goes to new projects such as creating journal workbooks and getting equipment to better service you. Raising funds to supply art supplies for the studio, workshops and events Art supplies include canvases, paint, spray paint, etc. For more information please visit our campaign on GoFundMe 

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel".

Maya Angelou